High-Price Gimmick Dishes Going Bust

What part of a $1,000 pizza looks like.
What part of a $1,000 pizza looks like. Photo: Everett Bogue

We here at Grub Street could not be happier to pass along the news, via the Post, that all of those stupidly overpriced luxury menu items — $1000 caviar-topped pizza, $165 truffled martinis — ain’t doing so well these days. Some, like The Four Seasons’ white-truffle baked potato, are off the menu (but we bet that’s just because it isn’t truffle season), and others, like that idiotic $1,000 omelette that’s sold to well-heeled suckers diners at Norma’s in the Parker Meridien, are barely selling: According to the story, “sales have gone from about a half-dozen to just one a month.” Which is honestly one more per month than we think they should be selling. Meanwhile, McDonald’s was reporting record-high share prices before the weekend, despite the fact that they’ve had to raise their prices this year owing to “soaring commodity costs” (and the fact that their playgrounds are riddled with gonorrhea). See, Norma’s? You can charge as much as you want as long as customers still feel like they’re getting a deal. Our advice: Just point out that you’re keeping the omelette price at a Grover despite the soaring costs of sevruga caviar or lobsters or whatever. [NYP, FT]