Hero Cop Rescues Employee at Milk

Photo: The Delicious Life via Flickr

In a heroic act ripped straight from a noir flick, a fairly green LAPD officer might have saved an employee at Milk from meeting the business end of a 10-inch knife. NBC reports that jail cop Joseph Jarrett was off-duty on July 1st, enjoying dinner with his wife at Milk when a man started arguing with a female member of the kitchen staff, apparently over a custody battle.

As the argument escalated, the man pulled out a blade and cornered the woman. At that point, Jarrett leaped into action, pulled out his piece, went into the kitchen, and demanded the man drop the knife, foiling some clearly bad intentions. Pretty badass! We only hope Milk maintains some sort of policy that offers free espresso milkshakes to anyone who keeps their staff from getting murdered.

Off-Duty LAPD Officer May Have Saved a Life [NBC]