Greenmarket Vendors Can Cut Their Cheese Again

Cheese slicing returns to Greenmarkets.
Cheese slicing returns to Greenmarkets. Photo: Courtesy of Artisanal Premium Cheese

A few weeks ago, Grub Street broke the story that Greenmarket vendors were getting cracked down on for cutting cheese. As you’ll recall, the Department of Agriculture considered it “processing” under their regulations, the same rules, rather unfairly, that govern grocery stores and delis. Well, today the Daily News brings word that the Department of Ag has decided to grant cheesemongers at farmers’ markets an exemption to this rule. “We have talked to farmers and are responding to their needs,” a spokesperson said. Curds vendors are still required to maintain sanitary conditions, of course, but if last month’s E. coli scare is any evidence, more insidious risks are probably lurking in the vegetables, anyway. [NYDN]

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