Grant Achatz Is Going to Just Start Cooking Other Chefs’ Food

Granted, they're <em>very good</em> chefs.
Granted, they're very good chefs. Photo: Mark Von Holden/Getty Images for The International Culinary Center (Adria), Patrick McMullan (Keller, Achatz)

Today, Chicago chef Grant Achatz talks to Gilt Taste about some ideas he’s mulling for future iterations of the ever-changing menu at Next: “One menu might be from my memory,” he says. “My first day at the French Laundry.” Sounds good to us! Oh, but is classic Keller cuisine in the style of Grant Achatz not mind-blowing enough for you? Well, Grant does have one more idea that you might find interesting: “Another menu we’re planning is El Bulli. One course from each year from 1983 to 2003. I’d work with Ferran [Adrià] to choose the dishes that he feels are his most significant.” Just imagine all the stories people would have to write about something like that! [Gilt Taste]

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