Grand Central Arrivals: Shake Shack Thinking About It, Beer Table Opening Next Week

Now arriving in the train terminal.
Now arriving in the train terminal. Photo: Patrick Siggins

Good news for all you commuters out there: Gothamist has it on good authority that Shake Shack is mulling a move to Grand Central Terminal, which, sure, makes sense to us. (They sound reasonably sure that it isn’t actually a Milk Burger.) As the burger chain continues to grow at a faster and faster pace, it might make more sense to speculate on where a Shake Shack won’t be opening in the next couple of years. Meanwhile, in more concrete news, Beer Table owner Justin Philips tells us that the Terminal outpost of his very-awesome Brooklyn beer bar will be opening next week. He’s shooting for the 29th, but it sounds like the date could be a day or two earlier depending on how quickly the place gets up to speed. [Gothamist]