A Freegan’s New York Diet

The pantry.
The pantry. Photo: iStockphoto

Waste not, want not: Now that the Times has taken a good look at “stem-to-root,” a.k.a. trash, cuisine, the Huffington Post jumps headlong into the Dumpster in search of viable morsels. In some bizarre, parallel-universe version of our own Grub Street Diet, we get to follow “writer, artist, musician and freegan” Gio Andollo through his “trash tours” of the city’s various Dumpsters for a whole week. He finds perfectly good egg rolls, cheese, and apples. He makes stock with cucumbers, parsnips, and mushrooms. He rescues day-old raisin bagels and pizza bagels! He also gets robbed in Bed-Stuy and blogs about his dirty dishes. Come Sunday afternoon, Andollo is busking on the subway and things aren’t going so well: “I don’t make much money and a group of men … ridicule me aloud while I play,” he writes. “As if this work wasn’t hard enough!” Perhaps he should team up with this guy. [HuffPo, Earlier]