Food Trucks Exiled to Staten Island

Photo: Food trucks cruise to the outer boroughs.

If your favorite food truck can no longer be found in midtown, you might try Staten Island. The Times reports that this past Friday, something called the Staten Island Food Truck Festival took place. Only four trucks showed (it was threatening to rain), but that’s more than the grand total of zero applications the borough received when it opened 50 spots up to trucks a while back. And the Verrazano-Narrows isn’t the only bridge trucks are willing to cross these days. As Manhattan makes it harder for mobile vendors to operate, they’re also heading to Queens. A parking lot in Long Island City will host five trucks starting in a couple of weeks and there’s talk of bringing vendors to other lots in the borough, where operations as established as Rickshaw Dumpling and the Treats Truck have expressed interest in securing spots. Great. Last we checked, Queens already had tons of interesting food; the trucks were most of all a boon in midtown and other parts of Manhattan where exciting fare is sparse. If this trend continues, we’re back to where we started, though maybe with a few more reasons to hop the Staten Island ferry. [NYT]

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