Food Curated Turns Its Attention to ACME Smoked Fish

Kind of makes us crave a bagel.
Kind of makes us crave a bagel.

For her latest video, Liza De Guia of Food Curated — who for the record named her show long before “curated” became a dirty word — spends seven minutes in smoked-salmon heaven at ACME Smoked Fish in Greenpoint. The video narrows its focus on Aftabudin Rayman, a 65-year-old Guyanese native who’s been with ACME since 1984 and smokes many thousands of pounds of fish each week in immense, walk-in boxes. Rayman, who was also profiled by the Times in 2000, is only the fourth smoker in the company’s hundred-odd year history. He tells Food Curated that he’d like to continue working for as long as possible, and ACME Smoked Fish’s Vice President Adam Caslow compares Rayman’s hot-smoking finesse and overall ability to that of a “great athlete.”

Hot-Smoking for Gold at ACME Smoked Fish [Food Curated]
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