Foie Gras Doughnuts Anger Animal Rights Nut Jobs, Racists

There's no foie gras in these doughnuts, but <em>imagine if there were</em>.
There's no foie gras in these doughnuts, but imagine if there were. Photo: Courtesy Flex Donuts

Does anything sound more delicious than a foie-gras doughnut? Not really! However, kooky new Bed-Stuy restaurant Do or Dine, which offers the fatty pastries on its dessert menu, has been served a petition signed by over 600 animal-rights nut jobs from around the world, demanding that the eatery remove the “cruel” crullers at once. Vegan blogger Annie Hartnett started the petition with the claim, “Birds should not have to suffer for donuts,” and she’s been joined by concerned citizens who’ve written things like, “We KNOW this can’t be an american [sic] restaurant … See what immigrants will do in this country????” (Immigrants from where, Quebec?) Luckily, a few people still have some sense: A counter petition is going around with the plea, “Do or Dine: Please Keep Serving Foie Gras Donuts. It would be cruel to stop making them several times a day before I have a chance to come and try them.” Touché. [Gothamist]