Dunkin’ Stocks Already Sound Overvalued

Munchkins for everyone!
Munchkins for everyone!

Last week we told you that Goldman Sachs was advising its clients not to buy stock in chain restaurants. So this week seems like the perfect time for Dunkin’ Brands, which owns the doughnut-and-coffee-and-terrible-bagels megachain, as well as Baskin Robbins, to go public with a $400 million IPO.

Oh, did we write $400 million? Well, Bloomberg says the company is looking to raise $460 million; the Post is reporting that it’s actually looking to take in $600 million when it starts selling shares to the public this week. That’s quite the change! Anyway, the idea, apparently, is further expansion for the doughnut chain, which we guess means they’ll find a way to cram even more locations into New York?

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