Despite Complaints, Do or Dine’s Foie Gras Doughnuts Aren’t Going Anywhere

Foie protesters, protesting. Photo: Courtesy of Animal Protection and Rescue League

Even though some people are outraged outraged, we say! that a chef would have the audacity to make foie gras doughnuts, the owners of Do or Dine tell Bed-Stuy Patch that they have no plans to take their foie doughnuts off the menu anytime soon. "Were not married to having the item on the menu, but were definitely married to doing what we want to do, says co-owner Luke Jackson. He adds: "This petition was started by a young woman in Main [sic]. She has no idea what our business is; she knows nothing about this community nor what were trying to do." Good for him! Now then, who's going to step up and bring these awesome-looking foie gras ice-cream sandwiches to NYC? [Bed-Stuy Patch]

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