Despite Bar Rescue’s Best Efforts, Downey’s May Not Pull Through; Restaurant’s Stay Mum About Reducing Salt

• Despite Bar Rescue’s best efforts to clean up and revitalize the unkempt pub, Downey’s, which still faces sheriff sale and the sale of its assets to satisfy debts, may not pull through. [Daily News]

• More and more restaurants are putting less salt in their food, but they’re staying mum about it for fear that diners will think the low-sodium food tastes bland. [Chicago Tribune]

• Fast-food chains love “super fans,” those crazy people who travel from restaurant to restaurant just to eat things like McRib sandwiches. [USAT]

• Fallout from Japan’s nuclear meltdown is still a big threat to the country’s food chain, as unsafe cesium levels are showing up in meat on supermarket shelves, veggies, and even the ocean. [Bloomberg]

• Red Lobster’s new ad campaign features “real” people who work for the restaurant, like a crab fisherman, and the dude who works the grill station at a location in the Bronx. [NYT]