Danielle Keene Leaves L.A. Creamery to Concentrate on Bittersweet Bakery

Photo: Bravo

It sounds like the best laid plans of L.A. Creamery keep melting away, as the hopeful artisan ice cream chain has lost its second consulting pastry chef. First former BLT Steak pastry chef Jessica Goryl departed in January after a short, but heavily publicized partnership that she said “wasn’t a good fit.” Now Eater reports that her successor, Top Chef: Just Desserts finalist Danielle Keene, has also parted ways, citing an increasingly busy schedule.

L.A. Creamery issues the statement that “It was always our intention to build our own team to design and make the flavors,” while an owner tells us Keene’s resignation was a scheduling issue brought on by the success of her Bittersweet Bakery. The company also says Keene may come back as a guest-chef in the future as part of a program that finds chefs collaborating with the company. In any case, be careful who you first sign up with when you get out here, Duff Goldman (and protect your deep-fried ice cream).