Could Shake Shack’s Grand Central Arrival Be Bad News for the Oyster Bar?

Bound to be even more crowded.
Bound to be even more crowded. Photo: Noah Kalina

Shake Shack is so close to opening in Grand Central Terminal. It’s as if you can already smell the griddled beef in the main concourse. What’s that? Oh, that smell is just the Michael Jordan Steakhouse? Well, in any event. Even though the MTA’s real estate director was quoted yesterday as saying “I can’t imagine why any kid in Westchester would want to do anything other than go into Grand Central and shop at Apple and eat at Shake Shack,” some people aren’t as taken with the idea. Specifically, some people at the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

Via the Post, which seems determined to rain on this parade, the concern is that Shake Shack’s endless lines could — could — block the Oyster bar’s entrance. “That’s not going to be good,” one of the restaurant’s managers told the tabloid. “You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out that isn’t a good idea.”

No, you don’t, which is why there’s apparently going to be some serious line management: “Customers going to Shake Shack will be instructed to line up on the ramp on the northeast side to avoid blocking its neighbor.”

See? No big deal. Oyster pan roasts and Shack-cago Dogs will coexist in perfect harmony.

Mind your p’s & queues