Cops Bust Granny For Torturing Her Bacon-Loving Grandson; Ohio O.K.s Concealed Guns in Bars

• We know bacon can be bad for you, but a Delco grandmother took things a little too far yesterday when she sat on her grandson and sprayed him point blank with a garden hose for eating too much of it. [NBC Philadelphia]

• Another round of shots! In Ohio, it’s now okay to bring a concealed weapon into a bar — as long as you abstain from drinking. [Reuters]

• Speaking of potentially lethal things mixing with alcohol, booze is increasingly being sold at fast-food restaurants. [USAT]

• Thanks to a bumper corn crop, food prices might actually go down. [NYT]

• Meet the UK’s newest “curry king,” a chef from Bicester. [Oxford Mail UK]

• Bracken ferns: abundant, but also probably deadly, so don’t eat ‘em. They don’t even look tasty. [The Atlantic]