Choose Your Own (Drinks) Adventure at Momofuku

Five courses, ten drinks. Whew.

Wine director Theresa Paopao will lead diners through an exciting (and possibly nostalgic) dinner next Tuesday at Momofuku Ssam Bar. Five set courses will be delivered to you at the bar, with the added "adventure" of two drinks (either wine, sake, or beer) accompanying each course. As you’re eating the arctic char and jasmine, sweet flag and celery, decide if you want to drink the beer or sake. You drink both? Turn immediately to the next course. [Pages flipping.] Here, you find yourself in front of a steamed pork bun. Should you have the wine or pale ale with that? Wine? [Pages flipping.] SURPRISE! The angry yeti you avoided on Second Avenue now comes charging out from the unisex bathroom and steals your pork bun! [Momofuku Presents]