Chipotle Should Fit Just Fine into Brentwood, Opening August 20th

Bringing sustainable "Mexican" to the land of Kay and Dave's
Bringing sustainable "Mexican" to the land of Kay and Dave's Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Chipotle opened its latest SoCal store in Pico-Rivera on June 29th. Sure, it seems a little unnecessary, if not offensive, to plunk a faux-Mexican chain into this bastion of Mexican-American life, but there already seems to be a Del Taco or Rubio’s for every La Barca Jalisco or Chalio in the area, so who can really start beefing all of a sudden anyway? Still, Chipotle’s next move makes a lot more sense: Opening a location in Brentwood.

Yes, we see no redundancy or serious offense against Mexican food being committed here. Brentwood is just the kind of neighborhood where Chipotle belongs, where gaggles of unpicky children need to gorge themselves on quick burritos after soccer games and where Mexican restaurants don’t really exist, unless you count Baja Fresh, Cabo Cantina, or Kay ‘n Dave’s.

In any case, the new Chipotle location springs up on San Vicente across from Coral Tree Cafe on August 20th. We’ll still be down the block a bit at Juquila, enjoying our mole negro chips and salt-rimmed beers, but not begrudging Brentwoodians their choices.

Chipotle, 11690 San Vicente Blvd. Brentwood.

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