David Beckham Gets Stood Up at Ciano; Anthony Bourdain Visits Zio

And there he went through all the trouble of dressing up. Photo: Ray Tamarra/Getty Images

The record-breaking heat wave had local newscasters trying to fry eggs on the sidewalk, but the rest of us were still able to find a more sanitary means of feeding ourselves. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz managed to grab some pasta and calamari on the Upper East Side, while the globe-trotting Anthony Bourdain ventured into the exotic Flatiron district with his wife. Finding food wasn't an issue for David Beckham, either it was finding his dining partner that proved tricky. Lots more sightings straight ahead.

B.E.S. Boutique Eat Shop: Daphne Guinness showed up to her date wearing a "foil cape," a "beehive" hairdo, and "her signature Cruella De Vil streaks." [Gatecrasher/NYDN]
Ciano: Jay-Z was apparently too busy watching the throne to meet David Beckham for their scheduled man-date, forcing the jilted footballer to call up some of his less glamorous buddies as replacements. [Page Six/NYP]
The Darby: Another week, another surprising mid-dinner performance from a pop star this time from Taylor Swift. [OpenTable]
Imperial No. 9: Beckham, perhaps afraid of being stood up in public again, had chef Sam Talbot whip up a special meal to enjoy in his Mondrian Soho penthouse. [Gatecrasher/NYDN]
Le Cirque: Martha Stewart, Conrad Black, and other, less felonious socialites gathered here to witness the union of Arnold Scassi and Parker Ladd, which was followed by a cocktail party and dinner reception. The night's events were captured by up-and-coming wedding photographers Bill Cunningham and Patrick McMullan. [Page Six/NYP]
Le Parker Meridien: Spurned lover Crystal Harris is getting over her split with Hugh Hefner, as evidenced by her romantic rendezvous with Jordan McGraw. [CNN]
Primola: Newlyweds Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz ignored their pasta, calamari, and red wine so that they could "gaze significantly" at one another over pasta, calamari, and red wine. [Liz Smith/wowOwow]
Tutto il Giorno: Eric Schmidt apparently didn't use Google Offers when deciding where to take his new favorite dining partner, Lisa Shields. [Atlantic Wire]
Zio: Anthony Bourdain checked out this new Flatiron spot with his wife, Ottavia. [Page Six/NYP]