Bourdain to Shoot New Show at Zeitgeist August 12 [Updated]

Bourdain on his last televised S.F. trip, ca. 2009.
Bourdain on his last televised S.F. trip, ca. 2009. Photo: Travel Channel

On August 12, the same evening Jeremy Fox is across town at Orson, Anthony Bourdain will be bringing the crew of what we presume is his upcoming new show format for the Travel Channel, The Layover, to Zeitgeist. Tony last dropped in on the Bay Area, crew in tow, to shoot No Reservations in 2009, in which he showed up at Sebo and knocked them for not having a full-Japanese sushi chef. The new show, Bourdain tells us will be “faster, more democratic and more caffeinated than No Rez. But just as obnoxious.”

He also notes that the show — in which he’ll be laying over in a particular city for just 24 to 48 hours — will feature “must see” spots that “you might actually want to [go to]” in each town. And we suppose, for many (Esquire included), Zeitgeist is just one of those spots.

Mission Mission broke the news about Bourdain’s visit via Zeitgeist’s newsletter, but the bar seems to think he’s still shooting No Reservations, which we don’t think is the case.

Update: False alarm. He’s not actually coming. And he tweeted at us to say he never “knocked” Sebo. “Love Sebo,” he says.

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