Bore Into Wild Boar at Eagle Rock’s Wildwood

Photo: Mike Baird via Flickr

On July 23rd, Eagle Rock’s Wildwood Ovens and BBQ is slow-cooking wild boar in a twist on the traditional summer barbecue. Owner Micahel Gerard is sourcing his game from Paso Robles’ Dubost Ranch, where wild boars of Russian heritage, believed to be descended from escapees of Hearst Castle’s zoo, roam the surrounding barley fields, bulking up on the grain and making their porky little butts vastly more flavorful. Gerard plans to slow-cook this sucker’s braised shoulder overnight in a wood-oven, serving the meat with summer squash grown in Wildwood’s garden, along with some golden potatoes and a few wood-fired appetizers. Limited $25 reservations are available at 323-255-6578 or via email. Saturday, July 23, 7:00-10:00 P.M. 5020 Eagle Rock Blvd.