Shelsky’s Smoked Fish to Start Selling Fancy, Expensive Hamptons Sea Salt

Photo: Courtesy of Amangansett Sea Salt

Are you, at this exact moment, considering the merits of a fine finishing salt for your chilled pufferfish medallions or artisanal baby vegetables? Maybe? Anyway, if so, look no further than the recently launched Amangansett Sea Salt. One ounce of the hand-harvested salt retails for a steep nine dollars. But it’s light and crunchy, like French fleur de sel, and it’s local! Each batch of salt starts with 100 gallons of ocean water, hauled to shore in buckets and evaporated over the course of a few weeks. Peter Shelsky, of the newly opened Shelsky’s Smoked Fish in Carroll Gardens, expects his first shipment this week. He acknowledges that it may be hard for shoppers to wrap their brains around, but breaks it down like this: “It tastes like the beach,” he says, matter of factly. “And it makes a pretty gift.”