A Cupcake Shop Grows in Brooklyn


Despite Grub Street’s best efforts to distract the public with the next "It" dessert, the cupcake explosion continues. The latest purveyor is Brooklyn Cupcake (don’t get us started on another rant), which opened over the weekend in Williamsburg. According to the shop’s blog, its cakes are "infused" with the owners’ "Puerto Rican and Italian roots," which makes for flavors like tres leches, dulce de leche, flan, guava con queso, rainbow cookie, and tiramisu — see the full lineup here. It seems "Marky" Markowitz stopped by the ribbon-cutting on Saturday, so we assume borough president Marty Markowitz has gotten so busy attending every single opening in Kings County that he’s started dispatching his cousin. In case you do want to check out guava con queso in cake form, here’s a 10 percent off coupon from the blog.

Brooklyn Cupcake, 335 Union Ave., nr. Maujer St., Williamsburg; 347-762-2253