7-Eleven’s Free Slurpee Day Actually Makes People Buy More Slurpees

Photo: Angry Julie Monday via Flickr

Hey! It’s free Slurpee day! All you have to do is go to a 7-Eleven and it’s yours. Well, not an actual Slurpee; they’re giving away tiny ones (7.11 ounces). But whatever, right? FREE SLURPEES. Except here’s something funny: During last year’s promotion, Slurpee sales actually went up 38 percent, according to USA Today. Evidently, people come in for the free one, see that they’re miniscule, and then just spend the couple of bucks for a full-size Slurpee. Which is weird: From what we remember of Slurpee-drinking (it’s been a while), you always end up drinking all the syrup first, and then just end up with a cup full of solid, flavorless ice that’s difficult to get up through the straw. So it seems like a smaller Slurpee would actually be a better Slurpee. But the numbers don’t lie, we guess. As Slurpee’s senior brand director puts it, “You get a taste of it … and you choose to have more.” [USAT]