Yup, There Are Already 45 Minute Lines at the New Shake Shack


So what kind of chaos is the new Shake Shack causing at 215 Murray Street on its opening day? At exactly noon, the financial district bankers had already swarmed Danny Meyer's new spot: We counted about 75 people on line (growing by the minute) and about 40 people filling up two thirds of the indoor space. The outdoor seating was mostly empty. Makes sense: Who wants to nosh under the noses of people who've been waiting, we were told by folks at the front of the line, a good 45 minutes? (Those inside who knew to get there before 11:30 a.m. said they stood in line for only 30 minutes and then waited another 15 for their food.) The Shack staff was passing out spoonfuls of custard to satiate customers, though most patrons admitted they expected worse. And we can only imagine it gets worse from here.