First Look at Four, Not Your Average Restaurant/Bar/Club
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A chain tapestry sections off a lounge

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Booth seating at DohYo

Photo: Melissa Hom
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The bar at DohYo

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Tables at DohYo

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Table at DohYo

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Photo: Melissa Hom
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Photo: Melissa Hom
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The bar at DohYo

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Photo: Melissa Hom
Bar at Terrace
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Photo: Melissa Hom
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Photo: Melissa Hom
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Couches at Terrace

Photo: Melissa Hom
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The view at Terrace

Photo: Melissa Hom
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Shrimp ceviche

Photo: Melissa Hom
With ​yuzu, melon, orange, clinatro, and serrano chilli
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Chile dusted tuna salad

Photo: Melissa Hom
​With avocado, snow pea, roasted shallot, and miso-mustard vinaigrette
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Stir fried pork belly ramen noodles

Photo: Melissa Hom
With ​bok choy, mushroom, and poached egg

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Seared scallops

Photo: Melissa Hom
With ​edamame, corn, bell pepper, cotja cheese, and mojo

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Oaxacan Sunset

Photo: Melissa Hom
Mezcal, blood orange, orange juice
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Blueberry-shiso caipirinha

Photo: Melissa Hom
Cachaca, blueberry, shiso, brown sugar, citrus

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Asian Michelada

Photo: Melissa Hom
Kirin Ichiban beer, serrano, citrus, salt
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Spicy Pepino Margarita

Photo: Melissa Hom
Silver tequila, cucumber, serrano‐citrus, chile pequin salt


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