Yigit Pura ‘Honored’ to Be a Pride Parade Grand Marshall


Hometown pastry hero Yigit Pura, who holds the distinction of being the first openly gay chef to win on any of the shows of the Top Chef franchise, speaks to local gay nightlife mag Gloss this week about being asked to be a Grand Marshall (alongside Chaz Bono and Olympia Dukakis) at the LGBT Pride parade on Sunday. “I am so honored, and honestly a bit humbled,” Pura says, adding, “This is definitely the icing on the cake of a wonderful year!” The year, of course, is far from over, and Pura adds a mention of his upcoming dessert shop, Tout Sweet, which he’ll be opening in partnership with Taste Catering by late fall, or thereabouts. “[It’s based on] a mix of inspirations, from my favorite patisserie Ladurée in France, to The Little Prince. I want the food to be sophisticated, but still fun, with California sensibilities. It will feature my signature macaroons, as well as cakes, petit fours, and other small dessert creations.” And clearly he will make a killing during next year’s Pride. [Gloss, Earlier]