Wrigley Rooftops Slapped with Health Violations; Working for Spam Not Glamorous

• A few of Wrigley’s rooftops failed their health inspections yesterday, including the Brixen Ivy, which author Dave Eggers just happened to visit for an epic article in Grantland. Apparently, inspectors watched workers “handle food, touch garbage cans and wipe their faces.” [Trib]

• As you’d imagine, working in a Spam factory is really effing disgusting and might leave you covered in “pig brain jelly.” [Gizmodo]

• Online restaurant ordering ups check averages and order frequency, and plus, you don’t have to actually interact with any humans! [MarketWatch/WSJ]

• Live off Groupon for a week? Nah, “it’s just a pretty good place to get a deal on dinner every once in a while.” [Slate]