Working in a Korean Grocery Store Is Such a ‘First-Generation Job’


Two months after a Korean business leader declared that “green carts are cannibalizing Korean-American grocery stores,” the Times takes a look at … the decline in Korean-owned groceries. Oddly, here the carts, those mobile fruit and veggie stands meant to bring fresh produce to more neighborhoods, are hardly mentioned. Instead the paper cites “rising rents, increased competition from online and corporate rivals, and more scrutiny from city agencies that impose fines.” Also, many immigrants who’ve spent their lives making early morning runs to Hunts Point market and toiling on long shifts don’t want their children to have to do the same. One Korean-supermarket owner’s daughter, now studying law at Boston University, puts it this way: ““I think it’s about time that [Korean groceries] fade away … It’s more of a first-generation job.” [NYT]