Wooly’s Ice Brings ‘Snow Ice’ to Municipal Plaza


A month after Tortilleria Nixtamal opened at Municipal Plaza, the shaved-ice stand we also told you about, Wooly's Ice, has opened as well. Actually, the operator, Danny Che — who’s from the family that owns Deluxe Food Market in Chinatown and is opening it with two cousins who’ve also been involved in that business — is calling his product “snow ice,” since it’s a cross between Hawaiian shaved ice (he uses a Hawaiian machine that cuts ice blocks into thin sheets) and the Taiwanese version, which is loaded with toppings and drizzles. Che’s ice (available in green tea or sweet milk flavors) contains milk, though he says that since it’s still 90 percent water, it’s low calorie (he’s currently working on a non-dairy recipe for lactose-intolerant customers). You can top your “wooly” size ($4) or “mammoth” size ($6) ice cup with ingredients that include Fruity Pebbles, brownie bites, mochi, or fruit (mango, strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi), as well as with a choice of syrups — strawberry, chocolate, or milk. Look for the cart (as shown below) at Duane and Centre Streets, where outdoor seating abounds, until 4 p.m. on weekdays.