Will More People Use Food Stamps If We Call Them Something Else?

"Food stamps are … Chow Bills."
"Food stamps are … Chow Bills." Photo: NBC

According to the AP, Bronx assemblyman José Rivera is leading the charge to change the name of New York’s food-stamp program to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), which is the name the USDA has given the federal food-stamp program. According to the story, the name “food stamps” has a stigma attached to it and is the reason why some senior citizens living in the Bronx don’t take advantage of the benefit. The AP also notes that 23 other states have already adopted the change. So who knows? Maybe giving the program a new name will make people more apt to use it. Then again, maybe it will just mean more hipsters using the program to buy ciabatta. [AP via NYP]