Where Urasawa, Ludo, Zarate and Cimarusti Will Unite For a Night

Please send Urasawa $15 for everytime you choose to look at this photo
Please send Urasawa $15 for everytime you choose to look at this photo Photo: Case Simmons via Flickr

On June 20th, Providence will unite four of L.A.’s most desired chefs for “Four on Fish,” which only sounds like an aquatic porno film, but is really a nine-course dinner prepared by, get this, Ludo Lefebvre, Ricardo Zarate, Hiro Urasawa, and Michael Cimarusti. NO JOKE! The dinner is organized to promote Opinionated About U.S. restaurants, a new guidebook by Steve Plotnicki. The $195 price is steep, but not so much considering the caliber of talent (last we checked, it costs $60 just to say “Urasawa”). Want to see the menu?

There will be four seatings for the affair, as well as options to sit at a chef’s table and private dining room. But on to Zarate’s spot prawn anticucho and Ludo’s lobster vadouvan! Check out the full menu below and if you’re feeling a burn in your pockets, make reservations at 323-460-4170 with Providence.

Four on Fish
June 20th
$195 per person
Wine pairings $65, Corkage $30 per bottle
Seatings at 6:00, 6:30, 9:0, and 9:30 P.M.


Seabass Tiradito
Sweet Potato & Lime
Ricardo Zarate

Hokkaido Scallop and Monkfish Liver
Shiso Miyoga, Turnip, Salmon Eggs and Plum Sauce
Hiro Urasawa

Anticuchos of Santa Barbara Spot Prawns with Yuzu Koshu
Ricardo Zarate

Santa Barbara Sea Urchin Hiding Beneath Soft Scrambled Eggs
Michael Cimarusti

Chawan Mushi
Summer Truffles and Caviar
Hiro Urasawa

Japanese Freshwater Eel
Soba and Soy Milk
Michael Cimarusti

Lobster Vaudovan
Ludovic Lefebvre

Crème Caramel with Caviar
Ludovic Lefebvre

Michael Cimarusti