What’s Will Gilson’s Next Restaurant Going to Be?

Photo: BostonChefs

Here’s a juicy tidbit from the newest Stuff: Will Gilson tells the mag that, after he’s done with his summertime Cape Cod pop-up Adrian’s, he’ll open a new restaurant. “I’m a community person, and I’m a chef who needs to cook in a restaurant. I’ll be back in Boston with a big brick-and-mortar project. We’ll be leaking that information in the fall,” he says. Maybe there’s a little hint here, because he also says that he and business partner Aaron Cohen “always talk about how we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it, and then we get to the bridge and have to jump over it.” Aw, we can’t help but try to read between the lines here. Could this have anything to do with crossing the Charles and heading into Boston? [Stuff]