Floyd Cardoz Makes Regis His Sous-chef; Ripert Heads to ‘Today’


This morning, Top Chef Masters winner Floyd Cardoz hit Live With Regis and Kelly to whip up some grilled shrimp and watermelon salad with Reeg and guest host Kara DioGuardi. They can't believe how many ingredients are in Cardoz's watermelon salad! But they seem to like it well enough anyway. Also, Cardoz is still rocking a Tabla jacket, even though the restaurant closed, like, six months ago. What does this man have to do to get some new whites? Meanwhile, Eric Ripert was on Today, throwing together his favorite Father's Day meal, steak au poivre. The segment is a little, uh, livelier than Floyd's, mostly thanks to Ripert's expert flamb technique. (Restaurateurs take note: Ripert did not pour the brandy straight from the bottle.)

And here's Ripert:

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