Villa Marina Makeover Closing a Chain and Endangering Antica Pizzeria

Photo: Hannah Whitaker, New York Magazine

A $25 million shakeup is planned at Marina Del Rey’s Villa Marina Marketplace, the sprawling shopping complex just off of Lincoln that houses Gelson’s on one side and Shershah on the other. While The Soup Plantation and L.A. Fitness here are goners as of June 30th to make room for an Equinox, we’re a little more curious about Antica Pizzeria, that Verace Pizza Napoletana Association-accredited pie maker next door. So we asked.

A rep at the restaurant says they have not been informed of any plans to close or relocate yet, but are all a little curious themselves about the future and are waiting to hear updates, as both businesses next door (the aforementioned Soup Plantation and a location of L.A. Fitness) are vacating at the end of the month, leaving Antica, if not closed, then very isolated on the second floor. Stay tuned.