Tyler the Creator Alleges Racism at Australian Restaurant; Jamaica’s Going Greener

• Residents of Brisbane, Australia, are fighting charges of racism, after Odd Future rapper Tyler the Creator claimed a racial slur was used against him in a restaurant there. [Courier Mail]

• In Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean, governments are telling people to forget (largely imported) groceries, and plant a garden fi nyam. [Business Week]

• Guess who is also coming to LAX Terminal Five? Monsieur Marcel, Loteria, and The Original Farmer’s Market. Because naturally you want to buy plastic bags full of produce before boarding a plane. [Daily Breeze]

• Remember how we told you we’re all literally eating crap? Well, that’s also the reason all these people in Europe are sick with E. coli. [Slate]

• Sorry, everyone, high food prices are here to stay until at least 2012, says a U.N. agency. Developing nations will continue to be hardest hit. [AFP]

• Meanwhile, Groupon might help if you’re feeling the pinch: The coupon giant is getting into the groceries game. [Chicago Business]

• The mayor of Corona, also the founder of Nature’s Recipe pet food, has been sentenced to two years probation on a bankruptcy fraud charge. [PE]

• Good news for the antisocial: More and more restaurants are offering online ordering, letting customers completely bypass all human interaction. [NPR]

• The poor Cheesecake Factory is one of the chains most strongly affected by higher gas prices. Chipotle and P.F. Chang’s also feel the pain. [NRN]