The Nutcracker Crackdown Just Got Real

Photo: DNA Info

While Ice-T bemoans the “slushie hustle,” lawmakers are hard at work trying to snuff out another form of liquid sweetness — nutcracker. As DNA Info points out, the New York State Senate has voted 60–0 to pass a bill that would increase penalties for selling booze without a license. The bill, which you can read here, states that “several barbershops, bodegas and other stores are selling illegal and potent alcoholic beverages to minors as young as 14.” If the “nutcracker bill” is passed into law by the state assembly, barbers (as well as others) would now have their licenses revoked, plus face stiffer fines and anywhere from 60 days (it was previously 30 days) to a year in jail. That’s fine by us; we get our nutcracker on the subway anyway.

‘Nutcracker Bill’ Cracks Down on Booze Sales to Minors [DNA Info]