The Meatpacking Gets a ‘Dive-Bar-Inspired Lounge’

The Meatpacking Gets a ‘Dive-Bar-Inspired Lounge’

The shiny-shirt crowd will no longer have to schlep all the way to the Lower East Side or East Village (so far from the Path train!) for a dive-bar fix. Grub Street has received word that Gunbar will open any day now at 55 Gansevoort Street, bringing a late-night rock-and-roll lounge with a "Lower East Side meets Eastern London" vibe to the hood. The bar, from Aaron Elbaz of Villa Pacri and Bagatelle and Bobby Persson of Southside, has graffiti-decked walls and an on-site tattoo parlor, so if you're mourning the probable loss of Mars Bar, uh, we guess this is one option.

Gunbar, 55 Gansevoort St., nr. Ninth Ave.


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