Terroir to Put Down Roots in Murray Hill

Kind of like this, only reflecting the "terroir of Murray Hill."
Kind of like this, only reflecting the "terroir of Murray Hill." Photo: Melissa Hom

Another Summer of Riesling isn’t the only thing going on for Terroir’s Paul Grieco and Marco Canora. Grub Street just spoke with Grieco, who confirmed that the wine bar is planning a third location, in Murray Hill (and he hinted that this won’t be the last expansion). The new spot is slated for September on Third Avenue “in the low Thirties,” Grieco said, and it will have 55 seats, putting it about halfway between the East Village and Tribeca locations, size-wise.

The food menu will be very similar to those of the existing bars, and “the wine program will be its usual rambunctious self,” Grieco told us. However, “we will try to do some things … to reverberate the terroir of Murray Hill.” If you’re wondering what the heck that means, Grieco explained that the area was once farmland and then home to mansions of the upper class during the Gilded Age, so the wine and decor might reflect these aspects. “The whole point of Terroir is to be part of the neighborhood that it’s in,” he said. So he’s not concerned about all those pub crawls? Nope: “The fact that the demographic might be a little younger … everyone loves wine, everyone wants affordable wine, everyone loves a great plate of food.”