Taste of Chicago’s Grease Goes Green; Waitress Saves Life of Choking Customer

• Taste of Chicago may end on July 3, but the Chicago Park District will be running on the leftovers from the festival for months. Much of the frying oil used will be converted into biodiesel, which the park district will use to power a dozen or so vehicles. [Sun Times]

• After successfully performing the Heimlich maneuver on a choking customer, a waitress at a TGI Friday’s received the Life Saving Award at a meeting of the Orland Fire Protection District. [Trib]

• The Dutch parliament passed a bill that bans live-animal slaughter, which will make it nearly impossible for observant Jews and Muslims to get meat that is kosher or halal. [AP]

• Here’s how to celebrate the Fourth of July while at the same time minimizing your impact on the environment. Yes, someone really wrote this. [NYT]

• British pop star Cliff Richard, who is 70, hopped into the kitchen at Gus’s Fried Chicken in Memphis. Apparently what he made was quite good! [Mirror UK]

• More than ever, chefs are dreaming up dishes with the help of digital gizmos like Kindles and laptops. [WSJ]

• The body of an Austin, Texas, woman was found in a restaurant ventilation duct, where she apparently got stuck while trying to sneak into the eatery. [KTLA]