Swedish Chef Has Local Beef With Noma

Photo: Henson Studios

Over in Scandinavia, Björn Frantzén, chef and co-owner of Stockholm’s renowned Frantzén/Lindeberg restaurant, is talking a little smack: He tells The Wall Street Journal that he treats the hunt for ingredients the same way a football manager — and by “football,” we assume he means soccer — finds players. “What are you going to do if you want to build the best team?” Frantzén is quoted as saying. “You’re going to try to get the best players — not just use local ones.” The comment, of course, is a veiled swipe at Copenhagen’s Noma, which is renowned for sourcing local ingredients. Of course, he has some more pointed comments for the restaurant, too: “The concept is more than three Michelin stars, but if you’re blind-tasting, it’s nowhere near three Michelin stars taste-wise.” We suppose it’s natural that world-class chefs would get a little testy as the competition to be named the next El Bulli heats up. But maybe more of them should take an attention-getting cue from Le Chateaubriand’s Inaki Aizpitarte and just make a music video. [WSJ]