Stumptown Plans Brooklyn Coffee Bars, Expands to Chicago and San Francisco

Photo: Stumptown Coffee

The question of the week isn’t “who owns the Chiefs?” but rather “who owns Stumptown?” Finally, Diner’s Journal gets founder Duane Sorenson and new investor Alexander S. Panos to comment on the nature of their arrangement. Sorenson says, “I still own Stumptown,” and Alexander S. Panos confirms: “He controls the company. I’m just an investor.” Here’s the interesting part: Oliver Strand reports that Stumptown “plans to open two coffee bars in Brooklyn, add a bottling facility to its roaster in Red Hook for its cold-brewed coffee and, Duane Sorenson, Stumptown’s founder, says the company will try to open roasters in Chicago and San Francisco.” The Brooklyn bars will open this fall.

Stumptown Expands With the Help of a Powerful Investor [Diner’s Journal/NYT]