We’ve Got Some Good News and Some Bad News for Michael Psilakis

Photo: RJ Mickelson/Veras

You’ll recall that Michael Psilakis recently returned to Long Island to open a new restaurant, MP Taverna. Well, the Times loves it! Reviewer Joanne Starkey called it the “head of the class,” adding that it’s now on her “list of favorite Long Island restaurants.” Well done! Back in the city, though, Tables for Two stops by Fishtag and files a somewhat tepid take. Like others before, reviewer Mike Peed finds ordering to be perplexing, is put off by the wildly different dish sizing, and can’t muster a rave for any of the food. But when presented with a comment card at the conclusion of his meal, he concludes that if “Fishtag can do no worse than fair, maybe it’ll stick around for a while.”

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