Riot at Tammany Hall Marks Latest Setback for LES Bars


Between underage-drinking crackdowns and Health Department shutdowns, it’s already a troubled time for LES bars — but a riot outside of Tammany Hall last night took things to a whole new level. Per the Lo-Down, cops were called owing to a “dispute among patrons” at an album-release party, and that soon led to chaos and mayhem as the officers who arrived on the scene allegedly sprayed mace into the venue.

A Bowery Boogie tipster has it that cops began to beat a “young Latino man” who wasn’t getting off the street quickly enough when the police ordered everyone to disperse; the blog has video, but Gothamist’s is better (see that below). Having witnessed a gaggle of police storm probably the neighborhood’s calmest, least-nuisance-y bar a few weeks ago, we can only surmise that last night’s melee is not going to help things in the already troubled hood.

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