And Now: A Collection of Curiously Eccentric Cheese Labels

Manchego as manifesto.

During a recent grocery run at Westside Market, Grub Street noticed something funny: a quote from “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” was printed on a label for the store’s mozzarella. Huh? In fact, further inspection revealed that almost all of the store’s cheese labels were printed with out-of-nowhere quotes. Turns out the labels are the work of Peter Daniels, the store’s cheesemonger (who also sometimes goes by the nickname “The Doctor”). “I want to give people something to think about,” he says of his labels. “It started when I was watching a U2 concert. Bono said, ‘It’s about time we start saying it’s not okay,’ and it just struck me. That was the first quote I put on a cheese label.” We’re not sure what to make of them. They’re sort of like poetry? Straight ahead, we’ve rounded up ten of the best labels currently on display at the store so you can decide for yourself.