Sazon and What Happens When Are Fighting for Their Right to Party

Photo: Danny Kim for New York Magazine

Sazon owner Genaro Morales is suing the city, the State Liquor Authority, and Community Board 1 for denying his request to stay open later. According to NY1, “Morales alleges the complaints and the restrictions put on his restaurant by Community Board 1 are racially motivated, because his establishment brings in a minority clientele to the upscale neighborhood.” (NY1 also reports that workers at Upper West Side Mexican joint Gabriela’s are suing the owners for sexual harassment, age discrimination, and failure to pay overtime.) Meanwhile, in what may end up being another legal battle, the State Liquor Authority, according to Eater, has revoked the liquor license of John Fraser’s pop-up What Happens When. Which finally answers the question: What happens when a liquor licensee allegedly allows someone who’s not on the license to sell booze without informing the SLA? Fraser, who is appealing, says that for the remainder of the pop-up, he and his team “will not be serving any alcohol and are unable to accommodate BYOB.”

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