Say So Long to Tweed

Eddie Bianchini
Eddie Bianchini Photo: Courtesy Tweed

In what’s bound to become the biggest blowout of restaurant drama since Bart Blatstein locked Shola Olunloyo out of Speck, Tweed has closed. When Fooboozer Jason Sheehan first reported it last week, it seemed like it was only temporary. A roof in danger of collapsing and an HVAC system on the fritz were reasons given. Well, today it turns out it wasn’t the roof or HVAC after all. Foobooz follows up last weeks report with news that Tweed’s owner Eddie Bianchini is being accused of abandoning the one-year-old restaurant. The Insider adds that he took everything — the bar, the walls, the floors — with him on exiting the property. There’s no word yet how it will all pan out, nor what this all means for the prospects of the boutique hotel Bianchini said he was working on at 7th and Chestnut.
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