Petite Abeille’s Hive Mind

Photo: iStockphoto

DNA Info says that the Petite Abeille mini-chain is looking to install a beehive or two around the city so that it can source its own honey. Owner Yves Jadot, along with beekeeper Andrew Cote, have reportedly been looking for a location to set something like that up, but it sounds like they’re having some trouble: Cote seems to think Stuyvesant town would be the perfect place (it has to be better than Red Hook, right?), but a Stuy-Town spokesperson told DNA Info that there are currently no plans to let someone come in and install a beehive that will surely result in a bunch of people being stung possibly not go over so well with residents. Anyway, the pair is going to keep looking for a spot and will build their hives upstate if need be. Actually, that might be the best solution: We hear stuff grown in the city isn’t so delicious. [DNA Info]