Peter Hoffman Plans a ‘Fun and Festive’ Savoy Replacement

Photo: Nataly Levich

Time Out interviews Peter Hoffman about the life and death of Savoy. He reveals that he was disappointed to lose the Union Square Pavilion restaurant to someone who “has no history of working with the Greenmarket farmers, no relationship with the people who are there and no skill set to amplify the market movement by having the restaurant placed in the middle of Union Square.” He rattles off a list of distinguished Savoy alumni: “Caroline Fidanza, who owns Saltie in Williamsburg. Andy Feinberg at Franny’s, John Tucker who owns Rose Water, Charlie Kiely and Sharon Pachter at the Grocery.” And he talks about Savoy’s replacement: “The second floor is going to be more a fun and festive room to be in. [There may be] communal tables, and some of the menu items will be designed to be eaten as a group.”

Interview: Peter Hoffman [TONY]