Original SoupMan’s Lukewarm Reception in S.F. Isn’t Doing NYC Any Favors

Photo: AP/Michael Schmelling

Now that GQ’s Alan Richman has declared the New York dining scene to be decidedly dimmer than San Francisco’s — what happened to all that stuff about the country’s best new restaurant being in Manhattan? — we’re all gonna have to work extra hard to get back atop the restaurant-town heap. So it feels like another step back to learn that a Bay Area location of NYC’s Original SoupMan is being met in San Francisco not with rapturous exclamations of joy, but instead with disappointment. S.F. Weekly’s Jonathan Kauffman has painted it as a place that is both bad (“There was crabmeat aplenty in the bisque, but we could barely taste it through the salty gloop”) and nice to its customers. To really drive home the point, the paper has even run the review two different times. Okay! We get it already! [SF Weekly]