‘Nut-Controlled’ Stadium Sections Are Now a Thing

The enemy.
The enemy. Photo: Courtesy Planters

Whatever you do, don’t buy the Cracker Jack: According to the Huffington Post, the St. Louis Cardinals, Seattle Mariners, Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, and more teams will all host at least one “nut-controlled” baseball game this season, so that children with severe allergies can root for the home team, too. In most cases, special stadium sections involve around 100 seats that have been specially cleaned, with nut sales banned, signs posted to keep out any rogue Snickers eaters, and medical staff positioned nearby. Funny that the increase in nut allergies (which have nearly doubled in the last decade) is thought to be related to children growing up in an oversantized environment, and now they can’t even go to baseball games without sitting inside a paramedic-guarded bubble. [Reuters via HuffPo]